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   Each session is preceded by a thorough preparation. Brainstorming, during which we will share inspirations, choose clothes and decide on the atmosphere of the photos. Everything will be tailored to you so that you feel comfortable during the photoshoot.


   The next choice will be between an open air and studio. The choice of light, natural or artificial? Each gives a different mood to the photos. We can meet up in a picturesque location and take natural-looking photographs. We can also lay out the studio equipment at your home and hence create a completely different atmosphere. It all depends on you.


   Photoshoot day includes make-up and hairstyle preparation among others. I work closely with a number of specialists in this field. If you do not have experience in modelling, there is nothing to worry about. Most of the models, whose portraits you can admire in my gallery, did not have any experience in modelling either. By participating in the acting workshops, I have gained crucial experience that now allows me to 'see' how to set you up well and suggest what 'looks good' in the picture.


   After the photoshoot, you will finally be able to catch your breath. I will then take care of the processing of the photographs. I strongly believe that "the best retouch is the one you cannot see". I always try to keep the natural texture and skin tone.


   My photographs are carefully prepared for printing. Both colourful and black-and-white ones. I work closely with one of the best photo labs in the UK. The print-outs do not have any undesirable tints. Each detail is clearly visible from any distance. The durability and texture of the printing paper is of the highest quality.

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