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   "I'd like to tell a story about you."

   Like all of us, you also have your own story. A combination of ups and downs that shaped you as a human being. In my photography this is what counts the most.


   A photoshoot with me is not only the end result in a form of photographs. This is a challenge that you do not experience on a daily basis. This is a carefully planned process that results in an unforgettable adventure. This is a tailor-made service. All this so that you can see the best version of yourself in the pictures.


   My photographs are characterized by deeply accented textures, harsh light and a classic colour palette. In the pictures I try to show the true character of a man and an interesting story. I think this is a timeless style, not a temporary fashion. If you are interested in how I work, please visit 'shoot with me' section.

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